Best Arabic Fonts to Download (2018)

In typography, being able to make texts communicate to the target audience is important. The discipline is defined as the art of making written language readable and appealing. Think of communication with people as your inspiration when choosing which Arabic fonts to use.

Finding the perfect Arabic fonts online for your project can be challenging. Arabic is a complex language, but it is also one of the richest in terms of styles and expressions. For its characters, it uses scripts and dots, and small variations between characters can give different meanings.

To help make your search easier, we’re giving you font options. Those that are in this list are designed for specific purposes. Some are hybrids of other fonts.

Arabic Font Downloads: Nassim Font

Nassim is a modern typeface and is designed for projects that use multilingual text setting. It has a lively texture that pays homage to Arabic calligraphic traditions. Its huge array of features makes it applicable for various needs — from news to scientific journals and magazines, to literature.

Millions of Internet users can read Nassim, so using this font can make you reach out to this audience while delivering content in a voice that is authentic.

Check the new pro version of this font, as it is said to have defied the existing conventions and broken the limits on digital Arabic. You can find this version on web design sites with modern Arabic fonts free download services.

Free True Type Fonts: Colvert Arabic Font

If one of your considerations is the Naskh typeface but you want it to carry a modern touch, check if the Colvert Arabic font will be suitable. In terms of proportion and structure, Colvert reflects the Naskh’s calligraphic side. Tweaking it a bit makes it a good candidate for projects that demand a contemporary color.

When using this font, take note that it blends perfectly in long texts and small sizes. The font is also minutely detailed, making it one of the best options if you want your logotypes and headlines to be imbued with an element that has an impressive character.

Giving the Naskh a modern appeal resulted in 1,065 new characters that form sets of contextual alternates, ligatures, stylistic sets, and an additional character set that covers 7 other languages using Arabic script. You can, therefore, use the font in a wide range of applications, from one that is simple to another that is completely sophisticated. Because it carries with it its Naskh heritage, Colvert can be used in any calligraphic applications.

Farsi Fonts Free Download: Karim Font

Karim font is for those who want to project a traditional style of Arabic text face. Karim was made available mainly due to demands that require a traditional text face for Quranic commentaries.

The line weight for this font is heavier compared to the usual traditional light face. The characters are cursive with their deep descenders, lams, inclined alifs, and tall kafs.

Karim code pages use the Arabic character and basic Latin sets, which support Urdu, Arabic, Persian, and European numerals.